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 Wierd PS glitch

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PostSubject: Wierd PS glitch   Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:58 pm

Something really odd just happened when I tried taking a screenshot to edit in photoshop. There was a picture from the new Bleach 190 that I wanted to edit, so I opened bleach 190 in window's media player, and I took a screen shot of Hiyori during the ending credits.

I opened Photoshop and pasted the screenshot in a new image but I noticed that within the windows media panel in the screenshot, only a small portion of the whole hiyori image was showing up. But when I zoomed in on PS, more of the Hiyori image was in the WMP box. I found out that If i moved the new image pane around my monitor it would reveal and hide certain parts of the hiyori image.

Then I tried closing WMP to see if the problem would be fixed, but when I switched back to PS the WMP box in the screenshot had also gone blank. This was really wierd. So I opened WMP again and played ep 190 from the beginning, and sure enough, when I switched to PS episode 190 was playing in the WMP box of the screenshot in photoshop.

While this glitch is interesting and dandy and all, it means that I can't get the Hiyori screen shot ><
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PostSubject: Re: Wierd PS glitch   Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:05 am

Hmmm...I can't help you there...maybe it's just being weird? I dunno...


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Wierd PS glitch
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